Top 10 BPL LIVE Streaming Apps to Watch FREE on Mobile and TV (2023)

Since the beginning of T20 cricket, there have been various T20 leagues around the world. Indian Premier League in India, Big Bash League in Australia, Pakistan Super League in Pakistan, Caribbean Premier League in West Indies and so on. One such tournament played in Bangladesh is called Bangladesh Premier League. It is an exciting competition that attracts international cricketers from all over the world. Also many outstanding national and international cricketers of Bangladesh are participating. The league is watched all over the world and hence there are many BPL live streaming apps and websites.

There have been a total of seven seasons so far, with the 2020 season being postponed. Unfortunately it will not be held this year either and we have to wait another year. Bangladesh Premier League 2021-22 starts on June 14ThFebruary 2022, the final will be held on February 28Thof the same month. Rajshahi Royals will defend their title after being champions in BPL 7.

Apart from that, in this article, we will look at the 10 best BPL Live TV apps. It will also include some national, international and online applications and websites. So make sure to follow the steps below.

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Gazi TV / GTV

Gazi TV, often referred to as GTV, is itNational sports channel of Bangladesh. Various sports, including of course cricket, are telecasted live. Being a digital cable TV channel, there won't be many homes where Gazi TV is not available. Even if it doesn't, you can easily get it by contacting your cable provider. GTV was established in 2012 and was awarded the rights to broadcast the Bangladesh Premier League by the Bangladesh Cricket Board in 2016. Since then, the tournament has been broadcast live to the public.

In addition to the cable channel, Gazi TV also has a YouTube channel. The channel name is GTV and from there you can also follow the live stream of the channel. In addition, there is also a mobile app. It's called GTV Live Sports. So you can install BPL live app for free.

Other than that, the URL is their official It is currently under maintenance but will definitely be up and running in some time. Therefore, the station and its broadcast details can also be searched there.

Rabbitholebd Sports

Second in the list is another great platform for all BPL fans. If you want to watch any live BPL game absolutely free, Rabbitholebd Sports is there for you. And not only in Bangladesh, but from all over the world. It's not a TV station. However, there is live streaming from GTV. Rabbitholebd is basically a YouTube channel for live streaming of all matches of Bangladesh cricket team and their national tournaments. Apart from cricket, football is also covered by Rabbitholebd Sports.

The YouTube channel name is the same, I.E., Rabbitholebd Sports. You can subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications so you don't miss any of the games. Additionally, it has a mobile app specially designed to provide fans with a user-friendly live streaming experience.

The app is called Rabbithole and has been downloaded over 1 million times, which shows its quality. It is the best app to watch BPL live from anywhere for free. Just install the app and enjoy the content. In addition to the live broadcast, there are also highlights, analysis and football coverage. Additionally, some TV shows and movies will also be available on the free platform.


After looking at two national BPL live streaming sources for Bangladesh, now it's time for India. As we all know Hotstar is going to do itSwitch to live stream-platformfor every sports fan in India. There are dozens of sports channels, lots of Disney content and more. And the great thing is that it's not even that expensive.

You can watch BPL live streaming on Disney+ Hotstar at just INR 399 per year for the VIP membership. For the premium version you pay either INR 299/month or INR 1499/year. For more details Apart from BPL, all other cricket action for the Indian audience is also telecast on Hotstar.

In addition, football and other sports are also covered. You can also see game highlights and highlights from BPL 2019-20 by searching for them. Highlights of other tournaments and series can also be viewed without any problem.

Hence, Disney+ Hotstar is one of the best BPL live TV apps for other tournaments as well. Indian Premier League is currently streaming on Hotstar so don't miss it.

Willow TV

Willow TV is mainstreamBroadcast cricket in the United States of Americaand Canada. All the fans who live there have a great TV station for their convenience. It is available from many DTH providers including Dish TV, FIOS, Sling, Spectrum, Google Fiber, Xfinity, Altice One and Optimum.

However, you would pay $9.99 per month for the services. learn more about it. There is no free trial offered and you can watch the live stream only after purchasing a subscription. Now would be a good time to subscribe as the Indian Premier League will be streaming live on the channel.

There is also a mobile app available for both Android and iOS. In addition to the live stream, game replays, highlights, match lists and some information will be available. So Bangladesh Premier League fans out there in USA and Canada, what are you waiting for?

BT Sports

BT Sports is a pay-to-view sports channel platform available in the UK and Ireland. You can get two different packages with it. One would need a broadband connection, the other would not. The channels are extremely high quality and there will be no problem with live streaming.

Speaking of sports packages: there are three in total. The first is called Sport and has all the BT Sport channels, its app and BoxNation. There is also a recordable TV box. This particular package is the cheapest, costing £15 per month.

The second is the Big Sport offer. This offers all the benefits of the package above. In addition, it offers all 11 Sky Sports channels, Eurosport 1 and 2 and finally you can watch Sky Sports directly through the NOW app. This package is available for £40 per month.

Finally, the monthly pass gives you access to all BT Sport channels for 30 days without the need for a broadband connection. The cost of this pass is £25/month. For more information,

Finally, BT Sport also has a YouTube channel where you can find tons of sports content. So there are many options that you can look for.

Star Gold and Sony Six

One more thing for Indian fans. You can watch BPL live streaming 2022 on Star Gold and Sony Six in India. Both are also available on Disney+ Hotstar. Plus, every cable provider offers them as well. Additionally, the live stream can also be viewed on Sony LIV. For Indian fans, there are different ways to watch Bangladesh Premier League live streaming. Everything is equally good.

FanCode Live

FanCode is another platform available to fans around the world. It is also a website with an app and a great one at that. You can visit the official website by going A login button will then appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Click on it and register or login to your account. Once done, you can now access all available content.

In addition, FanCode Live is also one of the Bangladesh Premier League apps that will stream the tournament live. Currently broadcasting T10 and some football matches. The mobile app is also called FanCode and can be downloaded easily. Along with the live stream, there will be highlights, previews, live scores, ball-by-ball commentary and other updates and features.

Once the Bangladesh Premier League 2021-22 starts, FanCode will cover it in detail. This allows the app users to stay updated about the tournament. We are currently running detailed coverage of the Indian Premier League, so it would also be a good idea to install the app now.

Geo Super

Geo Super is the official partner of Bangladesh Premier League, broadcasting the tournament live in Pakistan. If you don't already have the TV channel on your TV, contact your cable company as soon as possible and ask them to install it. Finally, Geo Super not only has a TV channel but also a live streaming website and app.

If that's what you're looking forWatch live coverage from Geo Superthen visit his There is still a lot of time till the start of BPL 2022, so till then you can enjoy the PSL, which will resume in June this year.

Geo Super also has a mobile app that anyone can download. There will be a lot more to see besides the live stream. Unfortunately, it's only available for Android and Huawei devices, so Apple users will have to do without it. However, they can watch sports coverage on the website or install the app from a third-party source.


Etisalat TV is a live streaming OTT platform available in Egypt and the UAE. There is an app and a website and live streams of sporting events. The site iswww.Etisalat-tv.comand the app is available under the name Etisalat TV. Visit the website or install the app to know the complete details of the platform.

There are basically two packages that come with the app. You can get either the basic package or the premium package. The basic package offers 53 channels with 4000 hours of TV series, movies and shows as well as 1.5 GB of free data for up to four devices. On the other hand, the premium package is quite better compared to the basic package. You get 95+ channels, 10,000 hours of movies and TV shows, and the full Starzplay catalog.

So if you live in the UAE or Egypt, make sure you use the platform to catch all the sporting action live. Bangladesh Premier League live streaming will be available on Etisalat TV once it starts.


The Smartcric app and website is a great resource for anyone to watch all the live cricket matches that are currently being played. The site streams all matches including domestic and international tournaments and series. Currently, Indian Premier League, Pakistan's tour of Zimbabwe and Bangladesh - Sri Lanka series are streaming live on the website and app. The great thing about SmartCric is that you don't have to pay a single cent to view the content. In addition, all games will be available in high quality.

First, when you visit the officersmartcricWebsiteYou will see all the live games that are currently available to watch. Click on one of them. Once done, you will be prompted to select one of the three available video qualities. After selecting one of the low, medium and high quality, the live stream will start and you can enjoy the game without any problem. However, make sure you don't choose the high quality when the network speed is slow, otherwise you will experience lag.

You will also see the Download APK tab at the bottom of the website homepage. Click on it and the app will start downloading immediately. Then just install and start streaming. Make sure "Download from unknown sources" is enabled. Otherwise the download will not take place.


WebCric is a platform similar to SmartCric and can also be used for free. Just like SmartCric, it also broadcasts all the current live games for the fans. In addition, it has the same three video qualities: low, medium and high. You can use the link to visit their Then click on one of the games you want to watch.

As Bangladesh Premier League 2022 has not started yet, it will not be available at this time. Once it starts, then so be itLive stream auf WebCricworldwide. An Android app is also available for download. At the bottom of the site's home page, you should be able to find the option. Then tap on it and install the app on your phone.

WebCric is also currently covering the Indian Premier League, Pakistan's tour of Zimbabwe and the Bangladesh v Sri Lanka series. So if you want to see any of the games then go to the site and enjoy the game in HD absolutely free.


Last but not least we have one of the best BPL live streaming apps. Moreover, CricHD is a platform for every sport and its events. Includes cricket, football, rugby, basketball, tennis, wrestling, UFC, MMA, racing, netball, golf, hockey, cycling, volleyball, darts and snooker. It has 30+ channels to broadcast all the live action. The best partCricHD Website and Appis that like SmartCric and WebCric, it is also completely free.

Additionally, fans living anywhere in the world can access it. There are multiple channel links for each channel. So if one doesn't work, you always have the other two available. The best link to watch sports is of course the HD link, but it requires a fast internet connection.

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