Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (2023)

If you are inviting a group of children to an outdoor birthday party orgame date, it's handy to have some activity ideas up your sleeve. However, outdoor games and activities for kids don't have to be complicated to be fun. And since your kids are outside, they're likely to run around, burn off a lot of energy, and move around while they play. Children need 60 minutes or morephysical activityevery day, and how could you get better?

Almost any open outdoor space is suitable for these activities, including parks, schoolyards, playgrounds, yards, beaches or meadows. Simple, easy instructions for kids of all ages can inspire hours of playactive game. This means they can spend more time outside with their friends, enjoying the sun and fresh air - and givingOfTake some time to enjoy the company of adults, just take a deep breath or join in the fun.

Fun outdoor games and activities for kids

The list below highlights the classics and the funGames that don't require a lot of componentsor setup. If theThe weather is not cooperatingMany of these games, like the dress-up relay or obstacle course, can easily be moved to a basement, great room, community center, or gym. Keep the party going!

Classic party games that kids love


Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (1)

His goalball gameconsists of running away from the person throwing the ball and avoiding him as far and as fast as possibleBallwhen you are thrown without moving your legs.

Make sure you use a very soft ball, such as a foam ball that is specially designed to be thrown at people without injuring them.

game instructions

  1. Start with one person in the middle. That person is the thrower or "it". Everyone else should be within range of the launcher.
  2. The pitcher throws the ball straight into the air. Once the ball is released, the players begin to run away from the thrower. If the pitcher catches the ball on the way down, they shout, "Spud!" At that point, players immediately stop where they are.
  3. The pitcher then attempts to tag a fielder with the ball. The frozen player may try to avoid the ball but is not allowed to move his feet. When a player is hit, they are given the letter "S" and they move to center to be the next pitcher.
  4. If the thrower misses, it repeats steps 2 and 3.
  5. The game continues until a player gets all four letters "S-P-U-D", which means they are eliminated from the game. The game continues until only one player remains. That player is the winner.

Rainbow Challenge

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (2)

In this game, kids have to find as many objects of different colors as possible. It is ideal for playing in a park, garden or large yard. Just set a timer and encourage players to run around collecting things of all the colors of the rainbow. When the timer goes off (you can make this activity shorter or longer depending on the space and the children's attention), ask the children to gather to show their generosity.

For young children, you can just let them collect objects and then sort them by color. To create more of a challenge for older children, give them the task of finding as many objects as possible within a colour, e.g. B. after several green or yellow tones.

Red light, green light

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (3)

This is a simple and fun outdoor game that requires no setup or accessories. It is great for a small or large group of children.

game instructions

  1. A person is referred to as a "traffic light". The lantern has its back to the other players, who are about 15 to 20 feet away from them.
  2. The traffic light shouts "Green light!" This signals the players to move towards them. Then the traffic light shouts: "Red!" and turns. If a player is caught moving while reversing the traffic light, that player is disqualified.
  3. The game ends when all players are out before someone reaches the traffic light or when someone marks the traffic light. When a player reaches the traffic light, that person becomes the traffic light in the next game.


Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (4)

This game is essentially a reverse version of hide and seek.

game instructions

  1. A man who is "it" hides and everyone else is looking for him.
  2. Whichever player finds "it" joins him in the hideout.
  3. As the players find it one by one, they all squeeze into the hideout and end up packed like sardines in a can (hence the name of the game). The last person to find the inventory is the next person to find it.

sidewalk chalk

Sidewalk chalk can provide hours of fun, for small or large groups. Just buy a pack of sidewalk chalk and watch their creativity blossom. Choose a theme, like spaceships and aliens, the underwater world, or flowers and fairies—or just encourage them to draw or write whatever comes to mind.

four squares

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (6)

You don't need much to play this popular game. All you need is:

  • A ball that is good for catching and bouncing (such as a soccer ball or volleyball)
  • sidewalk chalk
  • Area on asphalt or other hard surface where you can draw lines and bounce a ball

The concept and rules are simple: start by drawing a large square, about 8 to 10 feet long on each side. Then divide the square evenly so that you have four equal quadrants, and label each quadrant clockwise 1 through 4. The first square is a King, the second is a Queen, the third is a Jack, and the fourth is an "ace."

game instructions

  1. Each child stands in a square.
  2. The child in square 1 is the server and bounces the ball to one of the other squares. The child in that square must then hit the ball into another square without bouncing it more than once in their own square.
  3. If they miss or the ball bounces more than once, that player is out (which is a good way to substitute other guys if more than four guys are playing).
  4. With more than four players, the extra guys form a line to enter the game once someone folds.
  5. If only four players are playing, the child who lost the ball must go to the fourth place or "ace". The aim of the game is to stay on the "Königsplatz" as long as possible.

obstacle course

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (7)

Kids always love running through obstacle courses. You can do this activity as a race to see who can cross the track the fastest or just for fun. Anything can be used to design the course, from play tubes and cardboard boxes to ladders and bean bags. Simply arrange the objects so kids can navigate over, under or around them.

Walk them through the obstacles before they complete the course so they know what to do. For more complexity, you can add additional elements at various points in the course, e.g. B. Jumps with jumps or somersaults.

frosty day

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (8)

Here's an oldie, but a goodie. Kids love the thrill of the hunt and the hunt, and that's whyVariations of the labelthey are so popular.

game instructions

  1. In a group of 10 to 12 kids, allow two kids to be "it." (For larger groups, designate three or more kids to be "it.") Set boundaries when you're not in a fenced yard. Use trees, park benches or other objects as markers.
  2. When the people who are "it" shout "Go!" The other children scatter in different directions.
  3. People who are "it" will try to mark the players. Any tagged players will be frozen. They can only be unlocked and played again if touched by another player who has not yet been tagged.
  4. The last unfrozen people become "it" in the next game.

colored pencil rubdowns

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (9)

Most adults rubbed a crayon or two themselves as children. That makes onegame from an artactivity and does not require excessive effort on the part of the parents.

Make the colored pencil rub

It's best to show the kids how to make one before they start hunting. Peel the paper off an old crayon, place a piece of paper on a sheet or something with an interesting texture just for demonstration purposes, and rub the crayon on the paper until the texture or outline of the shape appears.

game instructions

  1. Once the group has learned how to rub with crayons and there is a table outside with paper and crayons, have the kids run around the garden and rub as many different types of leaves as possible with crayons in 10 to 20 minutes.
  2. Encourage them to look closely and find leaves of different shapes and sizes, even leaves with special features (such as cracks, bug bites, etc.). To save your landscaping, tell them the leaves should already be on the ground.
  3. The child who returns with the most crayons of different leaf types is the winner.
  4. To continue playing, kids can go back outside and make as many crayons as possible by rubbing different tree trunks, rocks, or anything else they can find with an interesting surface.

Dress-Up Relay

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (10)

relay racethey are perfect for outdoor party games for many reasons. They get children moving and active, encourage teamwork and fuel children's enthusiasm for competition. This game adds a fun twist that will delight childrennice clothesas part of the race, which adds a fun and festive extra step.

Relay Dress Up is a fun outdoor party game and easily adapts to a party themeThe kids get dressedin pirate, athletic, princess or other clothing and accessories.

game instructions

Create an obstacle course using masquerade themed items. Divide the children into teams and have them run around the field wearing a disguise (eg hats, shoes, jewellery, tops, dresses, bags, skirts or fairy wings) to each marker. Then they go backwards and replace the elements at each pointer. The first team to have every player complete the course wins.

water balloon throw

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (11)

Here's a great outdoor game for any gathering. Since these are water balloons, you might want to get kids involvedtheir swimwear. It's the perfect way to have fun on a hot summer day!

game instructions

There are many ways to play with water balloons. The easiest way is to have the children line up in pairs and toss a water balloon back and forth until it pops. The last pair with an intact balloon wins. Another option is to throw the balloons at each other to pop them, which is especially fun on hot days.

You can also use different variations of non-competitive water balloon games. This involves throwing balloons at one target and not at each other. These games promote the development of motor skills and coordination.


Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (12)

Kickball is fun when played with a larger group and fun for all ages and athletic abilities. All you need is a large rubber ball, sometimes called a square or playground ball. The game can be played on a baseball diamond. Or you can use a temporary field using any grass or paved area. If so, you want to mark roughly four bases at the corners of a "diamond".

game instructions

  1. Divide your team into two groups.
  2. As in baseball, there is a pitcher who rolls the ball on the ground instead of throwing it to the player who is "on" home plate. The rest of the defensive team will be placed at the other three bases, as well as in the middle and outfield.
  3. When the ball rolls to home plate, the player on top kicks it into the field. If successful, they run the bases and try to reach a base before being hit by the ball, which can either be carried by an opposing teammate or thrown to the runner. If they are tagged while not on base, they are out. If they are safe, they have the opportunity to run again and try to make a run by reaching home when the nearest teammate kicks the ball. If they miss their free kick or there is a foul (out of bounds), they are given two more chances or disqualified.
  4. After three outs, the teams switch ends. You can choose to play for a set amount of time or a certain number of participants. The team with the most runs at the end of the game wins.

Photo scavenger hunt

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (13)

Scavenger hunts can be great fun at parties or with larger groups of kids. There are many types of scavenger hunts, but weather permitting, you can hunt outsideSearch for objects in natureget kids active and exploring in the fresh air. Plus, a nature-related theme helps inspire a love of nature and the outdoors.

By focusing on nature, you make this outdoor activity a great green game perfect for today's kids. They will learn about nature and develop their skillscognitive abilitieshave fun doing it.

game instructions

Scavenger hunting requires a bit of preparation as you have to decide in advance what items you want to find. The great thing about a scavenger hunt in the wild is that you don't have to show or hide anything. Instead, just walk around the designated play area and note what you see. Then use those plants or animals in the list of things the children can find. (Although you can also place specific items with or without clues if you wish, for your party to find.)

  1. Decide on your teams. This game can be played with one or more teams.
  2. Distribute the scavenger hunt list (digitally or on paper) to each group and provide cameras (or cell phones) if needed.
  3. Let the kids know where the hunting boundaries are.
  4. Send them to find and photograph the objects (with appropriate supervision, of course, depending on the age of the participants).
  5. The first team to find all the objects wins.

ring toss

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (14)

Ring Toss is a simple yet addictive game that can be played alone or in groups. You need rings to throw and a standing stick to try to throw the rings. Throwing play sets are available for purchase, or you can use any rings that you secure to the ground with a stick or pole. If you don't have rings, you can also modify the game by designating an area on the floor into which children try to drop bean bags or other objects.

This game relies on hand-eye coordination, patience and persistence - and it's a lot of fun. Essentially, the kids take turns dropping their rings to see how many they get on the stick (or on a certain spot on the floor). Whoever has the most rings on their wand wins.

Steal the bacon

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (15)

Steal the Bacon is a fun party game perfect for elementary school kids. This classic outdoor party game encourages kids to listen, pay attention, sharpen their reflexes, and have fun!

game instructions

This game is played on a large court or yard. Divide your team into two groups. Each team gets a "side" of the playing area. Place two objects, for example balls, beans or towels, of different colors in the middle of the court. Create a safe area at opposite ends of the field for each team to have as their home base.

In each round of this tag-based game, each team tries to "steal" their item ("the bacon") and bring it back to their home base without a tag. If a player is tagged while holding the bacon, the other team gets a point. If they bring the object back to their original base without a tag, the team gets a point. The team with the most points wins.

balloon stomp

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (16)

Balloon Stomp is a fast-paced game that gets kids moving as they try to reach victory. Between the laughing, screaming and balloon popping, this outdoor game will be a loud and boisterous experiencehappy party.

game instructions

Each child has two balloons attached to their feet with string and runs around in circles like in musical chairs until the music stops. Once the music stops, they try to step on each other's balloons. (Make sure your team wears sturdy shoes and is instructed to watch each other's toes.) The last child with an unpopped balloon wins.

Fun ideas for beach games

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (17)

When your group is at the beach, try these fun beach activities for kids. Kids can have so much fun at the beach just by splashing in the waves,dig holesin the sand or bury each other or their parents in the sand. If the kids are looking for something different to do or you need to organize a larger group, try a bucket relay race where you can use only your hands to scoop water from the waves to fill your bucket.

Beach volleyball is also fun. It's also great fun for parents! You canflying a kiteand they compete to see who canSend yoursfaster or higher. Or hold a sand sculpting competition. You can also offer them a scavenger hunt on the beach where they collect shells and pebbles.

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Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (18)

Badminton is an easy to learn game that is fun for kids of all ages. To play a formal game, you need rackets, putters (also called shuttles) and a net. However, you can still have fun without a net, just line up to swing the birdie back and forth with a partner or group of players.

game instructions

  1. Divide your team into teams and decide how many points you want to play - or set a time limit.
  2. Start with one person serving the birdie over the net.
  3. The other team tries to hit the birdie behind the net to the other team before it hits the ground. Multiple hits are allowed.
  4. Play continues until one team misses the birdie and it hits the ground. If this happens, the other team gets a point.
  5. The team that reaches the set score (eg 10 points) or has the highest score after time has elapsed wins.


Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (19)

Grounders is a fun twist on the catch game. The game is played on a playground or playground, providing an added element of complexity that older children will enjoy.

game instructions

  1. Decide who it will be. Just like traditional tag, the person who is "it" tries to tag one of the other players. When tagged, they become "it".
  2. However, the peculiarity of grounders is that the other players must stay on top of the play structure.
  3. The person who is "it" can lie on the floor with their eyes open, but when they enter the play structure they must keep them closed. Supervision may be required for younger children as they must slowly and carefully navigate their way through touch and sound as they follow the players around the play structure.
  4. When they "sense" a player is down, they call out "Grounder" and then open their eyes to see if they've caught someone. If so, that person becomes 'it'.

running races

Simple and classic outdoor toys that kids (and parents) love. (20)

Create a course where children can participate in a running race. Depending on the age and interests of the children, you can choose between a sprint or a longer run. If you have a mixed age group, you can stagger the kids so that the younger kids are closer to the finish line. Then you shout "Ready, steady, go" and off you go!

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