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If you need tax relief, you can work directly with the IRS (more on that at the end of this review). However, if you want a business boost, you can claim a tax relief like Optima Trigger Relief.

Optima Tax Relief is one of the biggest names in the tax relief industry. And in an industry with many excellent entrants, the Optima's size and visibility is an absolute plus.

Our opinion

The end resultOptima handles a variety of corporate tax matters at a competitive price. And its client stock picks stand out from the crowd. The initial consultation is free. Compare 167 Optimma Tax Relief Reviews (August 2023...

research fees

settlement fees

295 $.

$995-$5,000 (depending on the specifics of each case).

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advantages and disadvantages


  • Handling fees in line with competitors.

  • Multiple customer service options, including online access.


  • As with other providers, the person working on your case is not necessarily the person managing your case.

  • Some states have limited support for federal debt relief.

Compare with similar retailers



  • Free initial consultation.

  • Research fees $295. (NerdWallet users get 50% off these fees using the code NERD50.)

  • Average processing fees range from $3,000 to $5,000.


  • special case analyst.

  • Phone, e-mail both are accepted.

  • Refunds within 14 days. If solution success cannot be achieved after the discovery period, exam supplies will be refunded.

See also Partnership Tax



  • Clear initial consultation.

  • Research fees $295.

  • Average processing fees range from $995 to $5,000.


  • Dedicated case manager.

  • Phone, e-mail, post and web portal.

  • Cash payment within 15 days of registration. Before 15 days, refund is possible but limited.

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  • Get rid of the initial consultation.

  • Federal Debt Help Free Research Section.

  • The breakup fee starts at $500 and typically ranges from $1,500 to $5,000 to moderate.


  • Dedicated suitcase community.

  • phone, email and post office.

  • Refunds available but limited.

Learn more at Jackson Hewitt

Full review

Optima Tax Relief is a well-known tax relief provider since 2011.

Optima offers a variety of services dealing with tax matters such as: B. probate, lien and tax relief, or wage garnishment. You can get a free initial consultation to talk about tax relief opportunities, but the exam paper -- a first attempt to determine how big your problem is -- costs a few hundred dollars.

Typically, tax relief firms charge much more to resolve the work—that is, they charge you a second fee for the work to resolve the tax issue. Three of the most common approaches are to agree to an installment plan with the IRS, use an offer in compromise to pay off a debt for less than the amount owed, and apply to the IRS for non-collectible status. Tax relief experts specializing in back taxes and US matters. We received advice from a specialist Optima Tax Relief representative.

You need a dedicated presence manager to talk to - a link between you and the tax professionals who do the work. Optics says the tax professionals who do the settlement work are solicitors, accountants or registered assistants.

Optima Tax state tax credits are available in every state except Colorado or Minnesota. In some other states (Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, and Georgia), service discovery only helps with federal tax bills, not federal matters. **Optima Levy Alleviation, LLC will refund amounts paid under its customer service agreement for the Company's research phases within the first 15 calendar years...

Targets Tax relief Best for:

  • People who want to work with the national brand Adenine.

  • Tax breaks are available for taxpayers who want to explore a variety.

  • Clients who don't need to speak directly to the people handling their cases.

Optima Tax Relief at a glance

Free advice?


exploration fees

295 $.

Average Handling Fees*

(Low Spec)

$995-$5,000 (depending on the specifics of each case).

Average Handling Fees*

(high quality)

$995-$5,000 (depending on the specifics of each case).

Fare refunds if REVENUE rejects applications

Only one registration is possible within 15 days. After 15 days, refunds are limited.

communication options

Online phone, print, letter plus portal (only available in person in Santa Ana, CA and Chandler, AZ).

Dedicated case manager?

Yes, but not necessarily a licensed physician. The processing of the case is carried out by a chartered accountant, an authorized representative or a lawyer.

*Fees depend on the individual tax policy and the relief action sought (eg deep settlement offer, installment agreement, currently unpaid status). Optima Tax Release Review can help you determine if they are legitimate and what the cost of activating the debt relief is.

You can see Optima's tax relief features

Rewards:The company says it offers a free consultation that can help you decide if the Optima is right for you. After that, you pay about $295 to have the company diagnose the size of your specific problem. What follows is less certain in terms of price - supplies actually range from $995 to $5,000 and vary on a case-by-case basis. Optima Tax Relief Client Bill on Rights: 10 Client Rights

Who did the work:Optima Tax Release assigns you a case representative who acts as an intermediary between Optima Tax Release and the professional working on your activation issue. If you live in Santa Ana, California or Tradesman, Arizona, you may be able to meet someone in person to chat and ask questions. Otherwise, the table optionally displays the company for which additional contacts are available.

If the company settles with the IRS on your behalf, they'll reevaluate your financial situation (for free, they say) to see if you might qualify for a settlement (if you haven't already). Before). If you do, Optima Tax Relief states that it will proceed with the cuts and deals necessary to receive this compromise offer.

Refunds:Since almost anyone can make an IRSA payment arrangement (also known as an installment payment arrangement), it's unlikely that any other tax relief agency will say they can't do anything for you. However, if you decide you want your money back, Optima Tax Relief says you can return within 15 calendar days of signing the contract.

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Are Tax Exempt Companies Really Your Business? things you should know

Before you decide to hire a tax exemption company, there are fewer and fewer things you need to know.

The base

Working with a tax relief company generally involves two steps:

  1. research or discovery workThis includes giving the company legal access to your tax records and additional information to find out how much you owe and understand the issue. Tax credits usually charge a fee for this.

  2. solution workThis includes the tax relief company working with the IRS to put you on an installment plan, apply for an offer, settle to pay less than you owe, apply for Currently Uncollectable status, or find out more. Exempt companies usually charge a fee for this.

You are under no obligation to hire everyone

If you want to hire a tax preparation company because you don't have the time or energy to deal with a tax issue, that's not a problem. However, note that this is not required. There are many things you can do right with LRS to get back without having to pay for a third club. Some of these things include:

  • Installment plan with tax.

  • Apply for an engagement offer.

  • Get copies of old tax information or tax returns.

  • How exactly do you find out how much you owe to the IRS?.

You are still in charge

Three things here:

  1. The local tax invoice does not become the settlement account of the tax relief company.The IRS will still be looking for answers (and money) even if the tax relief company loses your paperwork, misses a deadline, or breaks something. Optima Tax Relief, Santa Ana, California. 65,749 likes · 209 related discussions · 398 have here. Consisting of Ta professionals with over 25 years of experience, Optima Tax Relief offers a comprehensive service

  2. The tax relief company can claim INCOME relief on your behalf, but that doesn't mean you're first.For example, the identifier disputes an offer in more than half of the applications in use. You may have to make payments to the tax relief company on top of your tax liability, even if the IRS denies the application or grants you even a small amount of relief. Optima Pay Relief | 3,984 followers on LinkedIn. Supervised by tax professionals with over 25 years of experience! | Optima Tax Relief is the nation's leading provider of full-service tax preparation, helping individuals and small business owners struggling with unmanageable IRS or state tax burdens. The firm specializes in cases that may involve wage garnishments, levies, liens and other IRS collections. The firm's unique two-phase approach provides its clients with unparalleled clarity, manageability and results in solving their tax problems. Fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and rated A+, Optima's has 400 full-time employees, including dozens of in-house tax attorneys and licensed tax preparers, who work together to achieve the best outcome for each client and provide better results for the financial future of customers, making their tax problems a thing of the past.

  3. Take a minute and do the math.Compare the amount you want to save with the amount you might have to pay the tax evasion company. For example, if you end up paying a tax relief company $2,000 to take $2,000 out of your IRS bill, you haven't saved any money. Optional tax relief

Is enhanced tax relief right for you?

Optimum Tax Relief can inevitably handle many common taxi unloading needs and you will be satisfied with a domestically known brand. However, unlike Jackson Hewitt, collecting your expenses comes at an amp cost, and some states are not eligible for the federal or state "Run for One" tax relief that appears through Optima Tax Relief

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