Global T20 Canada 2023 Live Stream - Watch today's game (2023)

Global T20 Canada is the newly developed cricket league that stands apart from other cricket leagues around the world. This league is an attempt to bring cricket action back to Canada. With the start of the new league season there is something to discussWorld T20 Canada 2023 Live Stream.

Global T20 Canadais an annual franchise league in the state where local and foreign players play under one roof. The championship is a must-see for the global audience. Cricket Canada has partnered with broadcasters and live streaming platforms to watch the championship globally.

In this description you will learn more about Global T20 Canada 2023 broadcast and streaming platforms.

Where to watch Global T20 Canada 2023 live stream?

Looking for a platform to watch?GT20 Canada 2023 races? Here is a list of the official GT20 Canada 2023 broadcast and streaming platforms. These platforms are available in their respective regions and regions. Let's take a look before explaining them.

The areatransmission channels/pathsThe streaming platform
You haveATN-Channel – CBN, TSN,Willow Tv, Hotstar Canada, Yupp Tv
United KingdomFreeSports, Sky SportsViaplay, Sky Go, Sky Now
United StatesHotstar, Willow TVSling TV, Willow Tv Online-Plattform
AustraliaFox SportsFoxtel
PakistanGeosportGeo Sports Live
AfghanistanLemar TVLemar TV-Website
MEOrbit Showtime Network, BeIN NetworkOSN+, BeIN Connect
BangladeshGhazi TVRabbitholeBD
CaribbeanSportsmax, Flow SportsSports Max Live-Stream
South AfricaSuperSportSuperSport on the Internet
Hong KongPCCW, now TV
New ZealandFox Sports NZ, Sky Sports NZspark sport
SingaporeStarHub, SingtelStar Hub+
EuropeDAZN, Yupp TvDAZN-Livestream
WorldwideYupp TV

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Global T20 Canada 2023 Live TV Channels List

Global T20 Canada 2023 will be broadcast live worldwide on the following TV channels.

ATN Cricket Plus

Asian Television Network is a Canadian broadcaster. It consists of news, media, entertainment and sports channels. ATN Cricket Plus is a channel dedicated to cricket from ATN. It broadcasts Global T20 Canada across Canada in English. Available from the following pay TV providers.

  • Bell Fiber (797) for $5.00
  • Delta Cable (964)
  • Rogers (845) at $7.07
  • Shaw (527)
  • Telus (2370)
  • VMedia (845)

CBN (Commonwealth Broadcasting Network)

ATNThere are many different television channels in Canada, including CBN. In Canada, you can watch live streaming of Global T20 Canada 2023 on ATN Channel, CBN. CBN stands for Commonwealth Broadcasting Network and provides live streaming of cricket events for Commonwealth countries around the world. You can tune into CBN on the following channel numbers of different cable networks in Canada:-

  • Bell on channel 730
  • Bell Fiber on channel 796
  • MTS on channel 516
  • Rogers on channel 798
  • Shaw on Channel 526
  • Telus on channel 2371
  • V Media on channel 789


Star Sports, a Star Network owned company, has secured the Global T20 Canada live broadcast rights in the India region (Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives). You can watch from all Star Sports channelsWorld T20 Canada 2023 Live Streamon Star Sports 1. Following is a list of Star Sports channel numbers on cable and satellite networks in India.

Note:Star Sports on Dish TV is accessible outside India.

Star Sports ChannelsTata Sky Channel NumberAirtel Channel NumberDish TV channel numberVideocon D2Hchannel numbers
Star Sports Hindi 1 HD459282606925
Star Sports 1 Nr460281607405
Star Sports HD 1454278602923
Star Sports 1455277603401
Star Sports Select HD 1463300645929
Star Sports Select 1464283646429

Free sports

If you're in the UK, you can watch live coverage of the Global T20 Canada 2023 on FreeSports. It is the only free-to-air channel owned by pay TV network operators in the UK. This multi-sports channel is dedicated to bringing live sports to locals. You can find FreeSports on cable, satellite and IPTV platforms.

  • Freeview HD on channel 64,
  • Virgin Media on Channel 553.
  • Freesat-Kanal 252
  • Sky TV Channel 422 (UK)
  • Sky TV Channel 429 (Ireland)
  • BT Vision and TalkTalk TV Channel 64

Willow TV

In the US and CanadaWillow TV is the official broadcast partner of Global T20 Canada in the United States and Canada. Willow Tv is an international 24-hour pay-TV sports channel available for subscription on many pay-TV providers, including cable and satellite networks, IPTV devices and digital TV. Willow Tv standard subscription is $9.99/month and $69.99/year, no free trial.

Willow TV UK providerchannel numbers
Verizon Fios (cable network)Willow Tv HD 806 available on Sports Pass
spectrum (cable network)Channel 1554 is included in the Gold Pack
Xfinity (cable)Willow TV-Kanal 3101
Best TV (Cable Network)Willow TV 1171 as part of Hindi Pack and Optimum Sports Pack.
Prism TV (IPTV)Willow TV-Kanal 668 (SD), 1668 (HD)
Sling-TV (IPTV)Willow TV a la carte package in local Indian languages
Google Fiber (IPTV)Willow Tv Channel 244 is available in Premium and Sport packages.
Willow TV provider in the UK and Canada
Bell Fibe TV (Canada only)Willow TV-Kanal 441 (SD), 1441 (HD)
Dish Network (Satellitennetzwerk)Willow HD 9997 / Willow Tv 712, Willow Xtra Channel 772
DirecTV (satellite network)channel 2024


Geo Sports, the sports platform of Geo or Jung Group, will be reporting live from the Global T20 Canada 2023 in Pakistan. The channel is available on local cable networks. Make sure to contact your cable provider to use Geo Sports channel. Geo Sports Live is available on web, app and YouTube.

Sport max

In the Caribbean, Sports Max will offer live coverage of the Global T20 Canada 2023. You can tune in to Sports Max Tv on Digicel and Flow by subscribing to Prime subscription packages. The Sports Max channel numbers are as follows:


  • Sports Max 1 on Channel 301
  • Sports Max 2 on Channel 302


  • SportsMax HD on channel 712
  • SportsMax 2 HD on Channel 713

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How to Watch GT20 Canada 2023 Online?

You can watch GT20 Canada 2023 online on the go or at home. Here are some live streaming platforms:-

Global official platform of T20 Canada

Would you like to get leaner with GT20 Canada? Connect with the official platform of Global T20 Canada to follow the defining moments and highlights of the league and easily get updates on Global T20 live scores, latest news and everything you want to know about your favorite league.

With global accessibility on the following platforms, you'll always be up to date on your favorite league.

  • Globaler T20 Canada Youtube-Kanal
  • Globale T20-Canada-Website
  • Global T20 Canada Application
  • Globale T20-Social-Media-Updates


Global T20 Canada 2023 live is available on Hotstar. The platform allows you to explore GT20 Canada in all its aspects, be it live HD streaming, race highlights, standings and race videos, among other events. Indians can stream live GT20 Canada action on Hotstar. Hotstar subscription plans are: –

Membership programCostvalidityNumber of streaming devicesimage quality
Disney+ Hotstar Cellular Plan499 rupees1 year1HD
Disney+ Hotstar Super Plan899 rupees1 year2HD
Disney+ Hotstar Premium1,499 rupees1 year44K
Disney+ Hotstar Premium299 rupeesEvery month44K

Hotstar is not available outside India due to copyright issues. Anywhere in the world you can access Hotstar via VPN. Some of the best VPNs are Nord VPN and Express VPN.

You can follow this step guide to access Hotstar via VPN:-

  1. Pay for a subscription with a premium VPN service provider.
  2. In the VPN, connect your IP address to the servers in India.
  3. Login to Hotstar official website by entering your credentials.
  4. Watch and watch Global T20 Canada 2023 live streaming around the world.

Yupp TV

The leading streaming platform Yupp Tv is known for providing Asian content around the world. Yupp TV is available in more than 100 countries in many languages.Yupp TV Livehas acquired the rights to broadcast Global T20 Canada 2023 live worldwide by paying subscriptions. Cricket Package on YuppTv has a three-tier subscription model. It costs $9.99, $49.99 and $99.99 for monthly, semi-annual and annual terms with a 14-day free trial.

YuppTv live streaming is available in several cricket subscription packages that vary from region to region. YuppTv subscription in different countries is listed below:-

  • Yupp TV subscription in India is INR 49/month.
  • Yupp TV subscription in Canada is CAD 99/year and CAD 14/month
  • Malaysian viewers purchase a YUPP TV subscription for MYR 9.99
  • Singapore cricket fans can subscribe to YUPP TV for SGD 29.99/month.
  • A €11.99 subscription is available for YUPP-TV viewers in Europe
  • In South America, you can purchase a subscription for a monthly fee of $9.99.


As the largest sports hub, DAZN offers its sports audience national and international sports events. Global T20 Canada 2023 is available atDAZNLive streaming channels. DAZN is available in the US (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands), Italy, Spain, Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil and Japan.

DAZN live streaming is available in many countries with their respective national languages. The subscription price varies from region to region. A DAZN subscription costs £9.99 a month and £99.99 a year, and a flexible pass costs £19.99. You can subscribe to DAZN Canada for $24.99 per month or $199.99 per year and save 33%.

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Alternative ways to watch GT20 Canada

You can also watch Global GT20 Canada on these streaming platforms and services:

  • Mobilecric
  • MyliveCricket
  • TouchCric
  • critical time
  • Cricfree
  • WatchCric
  • WebCric
  • loop

Frequent questions

Where can I watch GT20?

GT20 Canada is a professional T20 cricket league based in Canada, North America. Cricket Canada has arranged for the GT20 Canada to be broadcast and streamed live globally on designated broadcast channels and live streaming platforms around the world.

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Is GT20 Canada popular?

Global T20 Canada is an expression of the passion for cricket that burns the hearts of Canadians. It is the first cricket league ever created in the state. It was staged in 2018 and 2019 and was postponed for various reasons. In 2023, GLobal T20 Canada will launch its third edition. It thrilled a television audience of over 50 million.

Sum up

Global T20 Canada is the first major T20 league in Canada and the only one of its kind in North America. With its first two editions, it has attracted audiences from all over the world. Those responsible for the league announced that the new edition will start in 2023. Reported in this articleWorld T20 Canada 2023 Live Streamto give the public a chance to get their hands on their favorite league.

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