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Are there duties or taxes to pay when importing an antique Japanese sword into the United States?

No. You will not be charged as the item is classified as antique (over 100 years old). In the event of an incorrect charge, you can claim this money. In other countries, import duties and taxes may apply. It varies from country to country.

Do you offer a warranty on every sword?

All swords proudly listed on the Unique Japan website and displayed in our exhibitions are guaranteed to be authentic. All swords come with Certificates of Authenticity that we translate for customers from reputable organizations like this oneNBTHKAndNTHC-NPO. Each sword is a hand-forged work of art, crafted to the highest standards of human (and spiritual) craftsmanship.

Our reputation is very important, so we take the utmost care when researching our items. We only work closely with experts in the field of Japanese swords and armor.

Note: If you are unable to view the sword in person prior to purchase, we offer a worry-free three (3) day inspection period during which you may return the sword if you (the buyer) are not 100% satisfied.

What is a Custom Koshirae project?

Some swords are only sold with a Shirasaya protective sheath. In such cases, the customer may choose to do soBaue ein Koshirae. If the sword resembles a man's body, the koshirae is a custom suit - traditional accessories that dress the sword for battle. Detailed information on how to make a custom Koshirae can be found hereVisit this page.

Do you have a LAYAWAY PLAN for buying swords?

Yes, we have a vacation schedule. This is a very popular option as it allows customers to purchase more substantial pieces. Payments can be made by direct bank transfer or by credit card for a period of up to one year. While the product is being paid for, we keep the sword(s) safe and service them regularly.

You can download the general details of the outage plan contract here.

Where do you get your stocks from?

The vast majority of our items for sale come from private collections in Japan. Such collections of swords have been kept and collected over the centuries in private homes, mostly by important families or individuals.

Can you give me some advice on how to show my sword?

Of course! All swords come with a stand and a traditional silk brocade sheath. There are not many objects in the world that can match the awe of an authentic samurai sword on display.

What payment options do you have?

We offer secure online Visa and MasterCard transactions with our partner RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) WorldPay offline or by simple bank transfer to our international HSBC accounts in Hong Kong or the UK. PleaseContact usfor all payment options.

How quickly will my kitchen knife be shipped? How soon will it arrive? Do I get a tracking code?

Kitchen knives are usually shipped within two weeks. For domestic addresses, they will arrive within 2-3 days of dispatch, unless it is an APO or FPO address - this can take about a week. For international addresses, they usually arrive within 5 days of posting and are shipped via airmail using EMS (Express Mail Service) from Japan - the country's most reliable delivery service. Shipments are packaged professionally, securely and beautifully and YES, you will receive a tracking code. For shipping informationClick here.

NOTE: Orders for Japanese swords are always shippedvacation in a monthas we need an export license from the Ministry of Culture before the sword can be shipped internationally. If it is a domestic purchase, the sword can be picked up in person or we can ship to a local address in about a week.

How are shipping costs calculated?
International and domestic shipping costs are calculated depending on the product ordered - based on weight and destination. All kitchen knives ship FREE domestically and internationally for a small fee. Swords are shipped for a small and reasonable charge, often less than what we pay. For more shipping informationClick here.

Can you ship to an FPO/APO address?
Sure (but not Japanese swords)! If you are on a base in places like Yokosuka, Yokota, Zama, Misawa, Iwakuni or Okinawa, we have no problem shipping there. The shipment is carried outcompletely freeto any APO or FPO PO Box. To ship Japanese swords, we can deliver to aOff base addressin Japan or back to your family in the US.

How long does the knife stay sharp and how do I sharpen it?
You should be able to use the Unsui knives for 6 months (assuming you cook about 4-5 family meals a week). The Damascus series lasts even longer (9 months to a year) due to the Hagane powder steel core. When it comes time to sharpen, the simplest solution is thisKyocera/Fiskars ceramic roller sharpeneror oursSuehiro type 3 roller sharpenerfor single-edged knives. If you would like Unique Japan to professionally sharpen your knives, please contact usContact us.

What is the best cutting surface?
wood is the best. Wood has natural antibacterial agents and high density plastic panels are easy to clean. Sharp knives should not come into contact with materials that are harder or of the same hardness; the surface should "give" a little. Never use glass, marble, melamine, porcelain, tile, steel or any other hard material as a cutting board. This will prematurely damage the tip and can lead to chipping.

What is your best knife?

Well, we take pride in all of our knives and it depends on what you use the knife for. However, since you asked, if you are looking for a professional level traditional Japanese knife, the Kuromori series is excellent, and for a professional modern knife, the R4 Damascus series is really second to none.

Is a product description included in the package?

Yes it is. So do weInclude instructions on how to care for your knifeto. Your knife is a lifetime investment that you should be proud to take care of.

I am a professional chef and would like to offer your knives to your students. Is there a commission plan?

yes there is If you are interested in becoming one of our trusted partners at UJ, please contact usContact us here.

I volunteer for an Officer's Wives Club and we would like to offer your knives at our next charity auction outside of Japan, is that possible?

Yes it is! In fact, we are looking for partnerships with charity events around the world. PleaseContactthe founder, Pablo Kuntz, with more information.

Will sales tax be added to my order?

No. 8% consumption tax is included on all domestic kitchen knife orders (as long as the shipping and/or billing address is in Japan). For international ordersno sales taxare charged for purchases made on uniquejapan.com. In some cases, you may be subject to small taxes and import duties that are imposed once a shipment arrives in your country.

What is the privacy policy and how secure are my payment details?

All payments for kitchen knives are completely secure and recorded byPayPal.

We do not sell, give away or distribute customer information. And we will never share your email address.

Let me know about our 110% money back guarantee.

All Unique Japan products are supported with one110% Money Back Guarantee.If you are not completely satisfied with any product you have purchased on ujknives.com, simply return it and receive an immediate and courteous refund of 100% of your full purchase price plus an additional 10% gift certificate. We take great pride in all of our merchandise. Japan is a country with a centuries-old reputation for manufacturing high-quality products and craftsmanship.

How can I contact you?

For all questions pleaseClick here.

I am a member of the press and I would like to make a report about Unique Japan. Who should I contact?

Thank you for your interest. Please fillour contact form here.


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