27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (2023)

At family picnics, barbecues or outdoor gatherings, it can be easy for elderly relatives to be left behind. I

When grandparents have mobility issues, they can't always easily participate in action-packed activities, or they may struggle to understand the rules of newer games they've never played.

This list of outdoor games for seniors offers many great suggestions for games that seniors can participate in with children and grandchildren. Many of these outdoor games will already be familiar to seniors, and those who aren't should be easy and simple enough to pick up quickly.

Let's get to the list of the best outdoor toys for seniors!

1. Music venues

Musical Spaces is a game similar to musical chairs, but uses hoola hoops or painted X markers for location. When the music starts, the participants must walk in a circle around the marked spots, and when the music stops, the players must quickly enter a designated place. The last person to run out of space has sold out!

This music chair modification does not require people to sit and stand up while playing, making it much easier for the elderly and avoiding the risk of falls that can be associated with getting on and off a chair.

2. Cornhole / Bean Bag Toss

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (1)

Cornhole is a game in which players take turns dropping bean bags onto platforms with built-in holes. If the bag goes over the platform, it counts as an out. The goal is to get the beans into the holes on the platform to score points.

This outdoor game is fun for adults and kids alike! It's easy to understand, but still hard to earn points.

3. Water Balloon Throw

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (2)

This fun game doesn't require many materials, just water balloons and a willingness to get wet! Players toss the water balloons back and forth to each other – whoever gets wet when the water balloon pops loses!

This is an especially great game for hot summer days and is fun for both adults and children. Also, it's a low-impact throwing game that can even help seniors train their arm strength!

4. Horseshoe

Playing horseshoes requires a horseshoe, pegs and horseshoes to fly, but once you have the setup it's a great, simple game for the whole family.

Players take turns throwing horseshoes at stakes on the ground, trying to get them as close to the stake as possible without touching or stepping on it. There are many different ways players can pitch, allowing for pitching adjustments based on the senior's strength.

Seniors will find it easier to continue this game outdoors as it does not require speed or agility and is slow moving, allowing the person plenty of time to prepare their throw.

5. Mixing

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (3)

In shuffleboard, players take turns dragging a disc across a flat board to get as close to the end of the board as possible without going over it.

This is another slow-paced outdoor game that seniors will enjoy and likely succeed! It is quite easy for the elderly to get into the right position, making it ideal for those with mobility issues.

Shuffleboard is also a great game for anyone who wants to spend time with their grandchildren. It's a fun game for the whole family! The only downside is that you need an established shuffleboard court to play.

6. Beach volleyball

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (4)

This game is a great alternative to indoor volleyball for seniors looking for an outdoor activity on a family beach vacation, but still want the gentler version of beach volleyball.

The size of the playing field in this game can be adjusted according to the skill level of the players and the space available - making it perfect for everyone from younger children to older adults!

7. Lawn arrows

Speed ​​darts are a unique outdoor game that many seniors may be familiar with from childhood.

This activity can be challenging as it may involve throwing objects, but once you learn how to play darts, it's an easy game to master! The objective of this game is similar to Horseshoes where players try to throw the turf darts and get as close as possible to the bullseye of the opposite circle.

Keep in mind that traditional old school lawn darts with their sharp points are quite dangerous and are no longer widely available. While some players may not like the newer plastic designs, they are definitely a much safer and better choice for lawn dart fun!

8. Croquet

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (5)

Croquet is a simple yet challenging golf-style game that can be played by anyone with good hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, including the elderly!

This outdoor game will take some time to set up, but once everything is put together, there are countless ways to enjoy croquet. The basic idea is that players take turns hitting a ball through a series of wickets to end up scoring the most points.

Croquet can be played in singles or doubles and there are also some variations in the number of balls, baskets and stakes used during the game. It's an easy to learn yet very complex game, making it perfect for seniors who want to stay active and have fun with a challenge.

There's also no time limit on this game, so seniors can take their time lining up each shot and chatting with the grandkids between rounds!

Even if a senior has never played croquet before, if they played mini golf as a childfun, senior-friendly outdoor activityEarlier they should have no problem doing it!

9. Giant Connect 4

Giant Connect 4 is basically an expanded version of the classic Connect 4 game, where players compete to stack four of their colored discs in a row, while the opponent places their own colored discs to block the others' path.

Standard Connect 4 is still a great game for seniors, but many will love the giant version too! Also, this game is simple and already familiar to most seniors, so little or no learning curve is required.

10. Giant Jenga

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (6)

Giant Jenga starts by stacking giant blocks of wood into a tower. Players take turns taking a block from the stack without knocking over other blocks, then placing the drawn block on the tower.

This game is a fun activity for the whole family! Younger children can help stack blocks to get started or act as helpers when it's not their turn. Blocks allow players to take turns more slowly and more carefully, making it a gentle, easy game for seniors.

11. Riesenbowling

Giant bowling is essentially the same as regular bowling, but with bigger balls and a longer lane.

Seniors want to make sure this is exactly the casePlaying with lighter plastic bowling ballsto avoid putting too much pressure on sensitive joints, but it's a great toy that kids and seniors alike will love.

12. Riesenschach

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (7)

Another giant version of a senior-friendly game, giant chess plays just like regular-sized chess, only with huge, oversized pieces.

Giant chess is a great outdoor game for seniors because it's not too fast. However, chess is quite a complicated game that seniors can feel frustrated with if they are not familiar with the rules. Best played by seniors who are already fans of traditional chess and can't wait to show off their skills in the backyard!

13. Giant puzzle

If you're looking for a less complicated outdoor game, check out Giant Jigsaw Puzzles! They can be a good choice if your elderly loved one is looking for something relaxing and easy to play with.

This gentle activity can help seniors with memory loss stay engaged while improving their cognitive skills.

14. Lady Giant

Like giant chess, giant chess is a low-impact game that will be fun even for seniors who already know the rules of checkers.

This easy outdoor activity is great because you don't have to worry about those big pieces getting lost in the grass or sand - plus, it gives kids and adults a chance to play together! In fact, the game is so simple that an elderly grandfather can teach it to a grandchild who has never played before.

15. Ladder ball

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (8)

Ladder Ball is a game conceptually similar to bocce ball and corn hole. At each end of the court are two teams, each with a three-sided ladder. Players must throw a ball and piece of rope across the area and try to circle it around the various steps, with each step worth different points.

This outdoor activity can be difficult for seniors as it requires some precise shots - but if they're up for the challenge, this game can be a great way to impress the grandkids!

16. Hook and ring

hook and ringis a simple game in which people throw a ring attached to a string and try to hook the hook on the opposite side.

This game is simple, relaxed and low stress. Because it requires no force and instead requires the person to experiment with pushing the ring at different angles, it is perfect for seniors with limited mobility.

If you do not already have a hook and ring installed, you will need to set it up. Luckily, the accessories for this game are very cheap and incredibly easy to install in just a few minutes!

17. Schaufelball

Scoop Ball is a classic picnic game that can be enjoyed by seniors with moderate hand-eye coordination. The game works similarly to classic tagging, only you do itKeep a plastic spoon handy to catch and throw awaythe ball.

The rounded tip allows seniors to throw the ball with less effort, making them ideal for those who have lost muscle strength in their hands over the years!

18. Nerf Gun War

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (9)

Nerf Gun Wars is a popular game among young boys and it's great that both the elderly and children can play together without the risk of injury. The game possibilities are endless, from tag to hide and seek.

19. Boccia-Ball

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (10)

Bocce ball is a slower paced outdoor game and a great activity for seniors with limited mobility. No special court is required - all you need is a bocce ball set with balls to get started and a way to mark the areas of the court where play is prohibited.

Many seniors already know the rules and can easily play bocce ball with their grandchildren - or even teach them to play!

20. Tennis

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (11)

Tennis is an excellent, gentle, full-body workout for seniors. It offers the opportunity to be physically active with children and grandchildren, while being gentle and kind to the elderly.

Of course, tennis is more of a proper sport than an outdoor party game like the other games on this list, but if there are courts nearby, all you need are some rackets and balls to get started! If the senior also enjoys tennis, it could be turned into a tennis gamenew hobbythat they are moving forward.

21. Pickleball

Pickleball is similar in structure to tennis, but uses rackets and a smaller, lighter ball. It combines elements of both tennis and table tennis into one easy-to-learn sport - perfect if you're looking for something easy to play with your biggest favourite!

Pickleball has become increasingly popular as a social sport for seniors, and you may unexpectedly find a few pickleball courts in your area! Also, the rackets and balls needed for Pickleball are cheap and easy for anyone to learn.

22. Toss & Catch Velcro

For a fun, low-impact game, try the classic beach game, which involves throwing and catching a tennis ball in betweenVelcro pads.

This game is incredibly simple and easy enough for anyone to learn. Additionally, the Velcro straps ensure that even seniors with limited mobility or suboptimal motor skills can catch a sneaky toss.

23. Ring toss

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (12)

Ring toss is a game in which rings are thrown onto pegs in the ground that are placed at different heights. It's easy to learn but can be difficult for seniors with limited mobility if they have trouble bending over and some level of fine motor skills are required.

The upside, however, is that ring toss sets are fairly inexpensive and can be taken on the go or at the beach!

24. Frisbee-Golf

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (13)

A popular outdoor game for all ages, Frisbee golf is a great option if you want to get some exercise while playing with loved ones. The rules are quite simple: the player throws his disc from tee to tee and counts how many shots land in the basket.

Again, this is a game that is simple and easy to learn, but can be very difficult for seniors who don't have fine motor skills.

You can make frisbee golf a little easier by designing your own large circular bullseyes or using hoola-hoops as goal markers to increase the area where the frisbee must land to score points.

25. Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a great way for seniors to get out and have fun with their grandchildren. You can make scavenger hunts as simple or challenging as you want, from searching for antiques in antique stores to finding animals on a trip to the zoo.

26. Fang

The classic game of catch can be another fun and easy game that older kids can play with younger kids. Depending on the hand strength of the senior, the game of catch can be modified with hidden throws or whistles.

27. Badminton

27 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Picnic Games for Seniors! | Safer aged care (14)

A more challenging outdoor game for seniors, badminton is a fun and fast-paced game that more active seniors can also enjoy. Badminton is easy on the joints and still provides a great upper body workout. In addition, regular play can help train a senior's hand-eye coordination.

Since a birdie is much softer than a tennis or volleyball ball, seniors don't have to worry about bumps and bruises either.

There are many outdoor games that seniors can enjoy as well. Some require more physical activity than others and others may require modifications to make them safer for seniors, but all offer an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with friends or family while exercising physically and/or mentally!

Please note that not all of these games are suitable for older people with visual impairments. But don't worry, we have onecomplete collection of crafts and activities for blind or visually impaired seniors.

Let us know which of these outdoor games you enjoy playing with seniors the most- and if you have any ideas we missed, be sure to add them in the comments!

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