24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (2023)

Every yoga teacher needs some good yoga toys when teaching classes for kids and teens. However, you don't have to be a yoga teacher for kids to play these fun yoga games with kids. These games are great for improving attention and concentration.

In addition there isTen short yoga games,They only take five to ten minutes and are a great warm-up at the beginning of class and in the last few minutes when you have time. In addition, you may want to add a fewPartner yoga poses for kids and teensin your children's yoga programs.

When it comes to a child's health and development, playing with children is serious business. So have fun with your business!

1-The Buff Yoga Game for the Blind:

MATERIALS needed:A scarf to blindfold, small objects or toys as you like*, a box or small cloth bag to put these objects or toys (*the toys you choose must match the yoga poses, e.g. .small animal toys)

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (1)


  • Put the toys of your choice in a bag or box.
  • Tie a scarf around the player's eyes.
  • Help the player select an item from the box.
  • The player will guess what he is holding in his hand.
  • When the player learns this, he will do the yoga pose of the game he is holding.
  • If the player cannot guess the game, the other player does the appropriate yoga pose.

2-Grandma's Yoga Steps:


  • Place one person at one end of the room, facing away from the other members of the group. This person is a "grandma"!
  • The others form a line (side by side) at some distance (ideally a good ten paces) from the grandmother.
  • When the grandmother is not looking, the others in line must quietly tiptoe without running towards her.
  • Every time Grandma turns around, everyone freezes in a yoga pose - all she sees are trees, houses, flamingos, surfing dogs, etc.!

3-Red Light Green Light Yoga Game:


  • One person is chosen as a lantern. He or she stands at the front of the room.
  • The remaining players are the "cars" and start from the opposite wall.
  • The traffic light starts the game by shouting "Green light!"
  • The other players then use yoga poses to advance.
  • When the traffic light shouts "Red light!", each player must assume a yoga pose and remain still.
  • Everyone takes turns taking the lantern.

4-Yogi says the game:


  • A person is selected as a yogi.
  • The other players must do the yoga poses that the yogi tells them when the instruction starts with "the yogi says".
  • If the yogi does not use "yogi says", the players do not do the pose.
  • Keep changing the person who is the yogi so that everyone has their turn.

5-Mirror Yoga Game:


  • A person starts out as a leader. The leader chooses a pose and shows it to the others.
  • The other players imitate the leader's pose as if they were looking at themselves in a mirror.
  • Switch leaders in each pose round so everyone can take on the role of leader once.
  • This game is a good warm-up exercise to increase concentration.

6-Let's Tell Yoga Game:

The game is played by dividing into two groups of 4 or more people

MATERIALS needed:Picture cards (you can cut them out of magazines), a timer/timer.

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (2)

The aim of the game is to tell team members the word on a card and collect cards without using that word. At the end of the game, both teams create a yoga flow from the cards they have collected. For this purpose, right at the beginning of the game it is determined how long a word has to be explained. Stopwatch/timer can be used.


  • The players are divided into two groups. The cards are stacked on top of each other face down. The cards are placed where all players can reach them. It will be decided which group will start first.
  • One of the players of the first team becomes the narrator and takes the top card. The narrator looks at the picture on the card and gives the card to one of the players of the second team. The storyteller does not show the picture on the card to the players on his team.
  • He tries to explain the picture word on the card to the players on his team within the allotted time, until one of his team members finds the correct word or until time runs out. For example, if there is a picture of a 'sun' on the map, the narrator attempts to describe the sun without using the word 'sun'. He can say: "He warms the world" "He gets up in the morning" etc.
  • Meanwhile, the players in the second group watch to see if the narrator uses the word "sun".
  • If the players of the first team know the word before the time runs out, they take back the card from the second team and place it in front of them. So they win the card. The queue is handed over to the second group. If they don't know the word, they put the card under the card and wait for their turn again.
  • The game continues until the cards run out. When the cards are ready, each group puts their cards together, creates a yoga flow, and demonstrates the postures.

7-Animal Guessing Yoga Game:

MATERIALS needed:yoga cards


  • Players sit in a circle on the floor. A player chooses a card from the Yoga cards consisting only of animals. Does not show this card to his/her friends.
  • Then his/her friends ask questions to guess the animal: where does it live, what should it eat, what color, how many legs, can it fly, etc.?
  • The player who wants to guess raises his finger. Instead of verbally pronouncing the name of the animal, he does the yoga pose of that animal.
  • The player who picked the card also looks at the pose and says if it is the correct animal.
  • The game continues until the animal on the card is guessed.
  • Another player then chooses a new card and the game continues.
  • In this game, both the person picking the card and the person guessing must know the yoga postures.

8-Yoga Ball Game:

MATERIALS needed:A ball


  • The children form a standing circle.
  • A player tosses the ball in the air while saying the name of a yoga pose. For example, if he says "tree", the other players will try to hit the tree stop until their friend catches the ball again.
  • If someone fails to perform the pose, the player holding the ball quickly throws the ball to that friend and tries to hit him/her with the ball.
  • Then it's the player's turn to toss the ball in the air and say another yoga pose.
  • The game goes on. In this way children develop quick thinking and movement.

9-Funny Train Yoga Game:

MATERIALS needed:Leave some music playing in the background for extra fun.


  • Have all the children stand in a straight line behind the leader. Make sure there is about an inch or two between the kids.
  • The leader driving the train will choose an attitude that everyone will eventually adopt. When the conductor is ready to start, he guides the train across the hall.
  • Passengers or people following will dance or move as silly and fun as possible while queuing or staying on the train.
  • However, once the leader turns around, everyone must immediately go into the aforementioned pose.
  • You can switch by changing the driver once he completes a lap in the room.

10-Yoga Spinner Game:

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (3)


  • Grab a deck of yoga poses.
  • Place a post-it note under one corner of a fidget spinner to serve as a marker.
  • Choose six yoga pose cards and arrange them in a circle around the spinning top.
  • Spin the spinner, then practice the position where the pointer lands.

11-"Add a yoga game:


  • Stand in a circle.
  • The first person performs a pose of their choice.
  • Everyone practices this pose and the second person adds one more.
  • Everyone performs these two poses in turn, then the third person adds a new, different pose to the chain.
  • Continue until all students have had a chance to add a pose.
  • This is deceptively easy and will definitely work your memory if you have a large class. For a small class, you may want to turn the circle twice.
  • The teacher may need to ask students who struggle to think of a new attitude to add it to the chain.

12-body chalkboard:

The Body Chalk Board is a great way to increase body awareness and sensory awareness. Learning to rely on touch alone is a challenging skill and helps focus attention and improve awareness. This game is also great for learning cooperation and communication skills. You might even want to try it with your teens to keep them connected to their bodies.


  • Divide the group into pairs.
  • Sitting in a relaxed posture,Often referred to as "crossing": when one partner stands in front of the other, use your partner's back as a chalkboard.
  • Draw numbers, shapes or letters of the alphabet on the 'board' with your finger.
  • The person whose back is the "board" guesses what is drawn. Before changing roles, wipe the "blackboard" from top to bottom or side to side with flat palms.

13-The music mat:

MATERIALS needed:Yoga mats or yoga pillows, music


  • Just like musical chairs, musical mats are a knockout game of players, mats and music, with one less layer than the players.
  • When the music stops, the player that cannot sit on the amat/pad is killed and the amat is removed.
  • The process is repeated until only one player remains.

14-""Opposite" yoga game:


  • Discover the concept of opposites and develop personal creativity with this simple game.
  • Each child expresses what they see as opposite positions: active/passive, front/back, right/left side, up/down, etc.

15-"Yoga game "Museum":


  • Stand in a circle.
  • The premise is that you are a museum and all the children are statues.
  • However, they have a secret power to come alive.
  • One person, the guardian, stands in the center of the circle and the other students all pose as statues, preferably based on yoga postures.
  • As soon as the guard is not looking, the statues come to life and can transform into different statues.
  • If the guard sees them move, they will be trapped and forced to sit.
  • If caught, they sit in a yogi style - sitting upright with their hands in a face on their knees.
  • After sitting for a minute, ask them to try again. This prevents them from being disappointed on the way out.

16-Hot Potato Yoga Game:

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (4)

MATERIALS needed:music, games with small animals


• Students sit in a circle.
• Bring some small animals that you can use for yoga exercises later.
• Choose a game as a "hot potato".
• Play music and students pass the 'potato' around the circle as fast as possible.
• When the music stops, whoever has the “Potato/Animal Toy” shows the circle the yoga pose of this pet toy.
• You can continue this game as long as you can or when you have given up all the games.

17-"What is missing?" Yoga Game:

MATERIALS needed:Kids yoga cards

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (5)

• Select a specific number of cards. If you just ranWinter yogaFor example, you might prefer to choose related yoga pose cards.
• The number of cards you choose each time may vary depending on the age group of the children. You can try 8 yoga cards for preschoolers and maybe 10-12 cards for 6-7 year olds.
• Show the children the cards and name each one together.
• All cards are then turned over and shuffled.
• Carefully remove a card without the children seeing what it is.
• Flip the cards over. Ask the children what is missing.
• The child who wants to guess points to the pose instead of saying the name of the pose.
• As children progress, gradually increase the number of cards they have to remember.

18-Balloon Dance Yoga Game:

MATERIALS needed:balloons, music


  • I know it will be a bit of a challenge, but blow up as many balloons as there are kids.
  • Then write the names of the yoga poses you will practice in class on these balloons. If they can't read, you can draw the poses in the form of stick figures.
  • Start dancing by throwing balloons in the air and playing along to the music.
  • When the music stops, look at the balloon in your hand and do the yoga pose on it.

19-Hot Lava Yoga Game:

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (6)

MATERIALS needed:Music, yoga cards, yoga mats


  • Lay out the yoga mats in a circle. And place a yoga card on top of each mat.
  • Start playing music. With the music, the children move in circles on the mats, being careful not to touch the ground as it is "hot lava".
  • When the music stops, they stand on the mats and do the yoga poses on the mats.

20-Seven Chakra Stone Yoga Game:

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (7)

MATERIALS needed:7 stones/pebbles - painted in chakra colors that can stand balanced on top of each other, a nice and big garden or playground and a ball.


  • Children are divided into two equal groups - at least 3 children in each group.
  • The seven pebbles are stacked in chakra order - red at the bottom and purple at the top.
  • A shooting line is established 8-10 steps from the pebble tower, from which the ball is launched into the tower.
  • It is determined which of the teams starts first.
  • The team throwing the ball into the pebble tower lines up first on the shooting line. The other group is waiting at the tower.
  • The players of the first team take turns throwing the ball towards the tower. If all players on one team fail to knock down the tower, it's the other team's turn.
  • If a player from a team hits the tower with the ball, that team will run away and try to realign the tower according to the chakra colors without being hit by the ball.
  • The goal of the other team is to hit the members of the team that destroyed the tower with the ball, preventing them from rebuilding the tower. When they can hit all the members of the other team, it is their turn to shoot.
  • Meanwhile, if the team that knocked down the tower rearranges the seven chakra pebbles in the correct order without getting hit by the other side, it's their turn to shoot again. Players hitting the ball are not allowed to place checkers.
  • This way you can play the game as much as you want…
  • During the game, children may not be able to arrange the bricks in the right colors with enthusiasm. Other team members can remind you at this time. It's a fun team game with lots of action.

21-Follow the Yoga Leader Game:

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (8)

It is a fun children's game that can be played with children of all ages. The rules are simple and all you need are kids and a little imagination.


• Choose who will be the leader. All other playing children line up behind the leader.
• The leader leads the group in any direction they want and creates yoga poses for everyone to do after them, e.g. B. Tree, crab, dog, frog, chair poses...
• Children do what the lineage head does.
• Unlike other yoga games for kids, there is no winner or loser in this game.
• Set time limits so everyone has a chance to be the leader. Children take turns leading and following.

22-Mimkey in the Middle Yoga-Spiel:

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (9)

MATERIALS needed:A soft ball and at least 3 kids to play with


• Choose who will be the first child/monkey in the center of the circle.
• All other players stand in a circle around the monkey.
• One of the players in the circle throws the ball to another player in the circle. While the ball is in the air, the monkey tries to grab the ball before the other player catches it.
• When the monkey catches the ball, he shows the circle of players a yoga pose he/she can do with him/her.
• The player who throws the ball becomes the new monkey, while the old monkey takes his place in the circle.
• If a player in the circle holds the ball for more than 3 seconds, they are the new monkey.
• This is an endless game with no winners or losers.

23-Handkerchief Yoga Game:

MATERIALS needed:A tissue


• Divide the children into two equal groups and give each a different number. One player in each team must have the same number.
• The groups line up on opposite sides and a handkerchief is placed in the middle.
• The teacher randomly calls a number.
• The players who have set this number run to the center and try to be the first to get the handkerchief.
• The player who grabs the scarf calls out a yoga pose first and everyone does that pose.

24-Feather & Statue Yoga Game:

24 Best Yoga Games for Kids and Teens (10)

MATERIALS needed:wings

Before playing this game, you can give each child a feather to help them visualize. First, take a deep breath through your nose. As you exhale slowly through your mouth, watch the feather in your palm fly. You can find more breathing exercises for kids here30 Mindful Breathing Exercises for Kids.

Then turn on the soothing classical music.


  • With the music playing, imagine you are a wing floating in the air.
  • When the music stops, you suddenly freeze and transform into a statue - yoga pose!
  • When the music starts, slowly relax as you transform back into the floating wing.
  • Be sure to finish in a relaxed state as a floating spring.

This exercise releases muscle tension.

If you want to read more about yoga games with music, please contact usVisit the website. Or you might want more information about itmemory games.

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