11 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Engage Your Body and Mind (2023)

11 Best Outdoor Games for Seniors: Engage Your Body and Mind (1)

As people get older, it can be difficult to stay physically active due to wear and tear on the body, but games and outdoor activities can help solve this problem. They not only engage the body through low-intensity exercises, but also the mind. In this article I present 11 outdoor games for seniors that will activate both the body and the mind of those who want to have fun. Activities range from traditional classics like a corn hole to more creative options like balloon tosses and scavenger hunts. No matter your mobility level or skill level, you'll find something to love in this list of outdoor games for seniors.

Benefits of outdoor games/activities for seniors:

A practice:Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Outdoor activities offer seniors a great way to stay active without having to go to the gym or use complicated exercise equipment. These activities not only provide an opportunity for physical exercise, but can also help strengthen the mind and sharpen mental ability.

Vitamin D:Time in the sun helps seniors get their daily dose of vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and teeth.

Socialization:Outdoor activities are a great way for seniors to socialize and stay in touch with their family, friends and community.

In addition, physical activity can help older adults improve cognitive function, reduce anxiety and depression, and lead to an overall better quality of life.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the eleven best outdoor toys for seniors.


One of the most popular outdoor games for seniors is bocce ball. This game can be played with two to eight players and requires minimal physical effort. In boccia, a smaller target ball, called a pallino, is tossed across a court before alternating larger balls are tossed onto it. In the game, players or teams roll balls back and forth across a court trying to get their ball closer to a small target ball called a pallino. The team or player with a ball closest to the ball wins points.

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Bocce ball is indeed a fun game that can provide hours of entertainment to seniors. Not only does it require minimal physical effort, but it's also easy to learn and can be fun for both experienced and novice players. Bocce ball has been around since the ancient Roman Empire and is still popular today because it is an incredibly social game that is perfect for seniors.


Another classic outdoor game for seniors is horseshoes. In this game, players throw metal petals onto a stake in the ground. The goal is to get the horseshoe as close to the post as possible without touching anything else along the way. Horseshoes is easy to set up and can be played with two or four players of all ages and skill levels.

Disc golf

Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, is a great outdoor game for seniors that doesn't require fancy equipment. A frisbee is thrown into an elevated basket from different distances on a course full of trees and other obstacles. While you can play disc golf on your own, it's also a fun way to spend a fun afternoon with friends and family.

Disc golf is indeed a healthy sport that can bring many physical and mental benefits to seniors. Physically, it allows seniors to exercise while enjoying nature. Stretching to throw the puck and running around the court provides a great low-impact aerobic activity that is also suitable for older players. Additionally, disc golf is a game of precision and skill that helps sharpen mental performance.


Croquet is a fun outdoor game perfect for seniors who like to stay active. The game involves hitting balls with a hammer through hoops placed on the ground. The goal is to either score points or complete the course in as few shots as possible. The great thing about croquet is that it can be played in a variety of outdoor spaces, from small backyards to larger parks.

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The game offers both physical and mental benefits. Seniors can use it as a low-impact way to stay active by stretching and walking around the field. Additionally, people of all ages and skill levels can participate in this game, making it an engaging exercise that can bring loved ones together.


Badminton is an ideal sport for seniors to play outdoors as it is a gentle physical activity and can be played in both singles and doubles. It involves two people hitting a faucet back and forth across a net with rackets, with the goal of scoring points by preventing the faucet from touching the ground on their side of the court.

This is a fun game that can be played in larger outdoor spaces such as parks or beaches. It engages your entire body and mind, making it the ideal way to get the most out of your outdoor activities. All you need to play this game are players and a badminton set that includes a faucet. You can buy a badminton set and a trunk from a nearby supermarket or from online stores such as Amazon or eBay.

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Corn Hole is a great outdoor game for seniors as it requires no physical activity. This game involves two teams of two players and each team takes turns throwing bean bags at different distances onto a board with a hole in the middle. The goal is to score the most points by getting as many bags through the hole as possible before the other team. Corn Hole is a great way to stay active while having fun with friends or family. It can be played on any flat surface, making it ideal for outdoor areas such as lawns and patios.

You will need two boards with corn holes and eight bean bags for the activity. You can buy them online at stores likeAmazontheEbay.

ring toss

Ring Toss is another classic outdoor game for seniors that is easy to set up and doesn't require too much physical activity. In this game, rings are thrown onto a peg or post from various distances with the goal of getting as many rings as possible onto the peg. It's a great way to spend time with friends and family while staying active outdoors. To play this game you need two or more players and a set of plastic rings. You can find them in most toy stores or online at stores likeAmazon.

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Ring Toss is not only a fun outdoor game for seniors, but it also has many benefits. From a physical standpoint, the ring toss is a low-impact activity that doesn't require vigorous movement. This makes it ideal for seniors who may be physically challenged or unable to participate in more strenuous activities. By playing this game, seniors can enjoy the great outdoors while keeping their minds occupied, which can help increase mental capacity.


Bocce ball, also known as bocce ball, is one of the great outdoor games for seniors that can be played on any open ground with flat grass. In this game, weighted balls are rolled or thrown into a small white ball called a jack. The goal is to get your ball as close to the jack as possible from another player's ball without touching another object.

This game offers seniors a fun way to stay active and can be played in either singles or doubles. To start the activity, you need a set of bowls, which can be purchased at most game stores or online sites, and two or more players.

cucumber ball

Pickle Ball is a relatively new game that is growing in popularity among seniors. A combination of badminton, tennis and table tennis, this game involves two or four players using rackets to hit a plastic ball over a net. The object of the game is to hit the ball so that it lands in the opponent's court without being able to return it.

People tend to like pickleball more than tennis because it is a much simpler game that requires less vigorous physical activity. It is also easier for beginners and seniors to learn compared to tennis because the ball moves slower and the court size is smaller. Additionally, pickleball requires players of all ages and skill levels to move around the court to keep track of where the ball is going. This encourages people to stay physically active while having fun with friends or family members. Finally, playing pickleball outdoors can be more fun than playing indoors because of its social factor — since, unlike a tennis match, people can chat between spots outside.


Seniors who are physically strong enough can find tennis to be a beneficial activity for both body and mind. In the game, a small rubber ball is hit over a net with bats. Two players are required to play. The goal is to score points by preventing the ball from touching the ground on your side of the court.

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The game offers seniors a great way to socialize and stay active outdoors while boosting their cognitive ability. Tennis is a fast-paced game where players must strategize and focus on their opponent's moves to score points. This helps seniors stay mentally alert while remaining physically active. Additionally, people can get some vitamin D by playing tennis outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.


Volleyball is an ideal outdoor game for seniors looking for a fun way to stay active. It is played by two or more teams, each consisting of at least two players, who take turns hitting a small rubber ball over a net to make it land on the opposing side of the court.

Playing volleyball is a fun and effective way for seniors to stay physically active, improve coordination and develop strategy while enjoying the great outdoors. With two or more players, volleyball also provides a great opportunity for socializing. Plus, seniors benefit from fresh air play and a dose of vitamin D.

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Participating in one of our 11 Outdoor Games for Seniors is a great way to stay active while having fun. These activities provide opportunities to connect with others while improving cognitive and physical dexterity. Before starting any of these games, make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

Before engaging in outdoor games/activities, it is important to consider and follow the necessary safety precautions listed below:

  • wear appropriate shoes,
  • Stretching before and after the game
  • Stay adequately hydrated throughout the activity.
  • Take breaks when needed and
  • Avoid playing in extreme weather conditions.

Also, be sure to check your physical condition before engaging in any outdoor game or activity. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental fitness to participate in any of the Games, please do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

I hope you enjoyed reading the article and found the best outdoor toys to suit your needs. If you have comments, suggestions or recommendations for other exciting games that can benefit the physical and mental well-being of seniors, please leave a comment below.


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